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Costa Rica

CofC in Costa Rica 2017: Business & Latin American/Caribbean Studies

Term To Study: Summer 2017
Application Deadline: Mar 02, 2017
Program Starts: Jun 26, 2017
Program Ends: Jul 20, 2017
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $4,090
Contact Phone: 843-953-7661
Contact Name: Center For International Education
Contact Email:
What is Included: - Round-trip international airfare
- Lodging
- Meals
- Costs associated with program-related excursions
- In-country transportation for all program-related activities
- Overseas medical insurance
- $50 non-refundable application fee (will only be reimbursed if a student is not accepted into the program or if the program is cancelled)

* Program fee subject to change
What is not Included: - Tuition and its associated fees
- Passport fees
- Personal expenses
Estimated Costs: In addition to the program fee, students will be charged for tuition and fees as follows:
* 2016-17 in-state tuition rate for six credits is $2,844 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees)
* 2016-17 out-of-state tuition rate for six credits is $3,696 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees). The out of state tuition for classes associated with travel are discounted from the Fall and Spring rates.
Program Description

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please note that applications are due by 10 pm on March 1!


Instruction will begin on the College of Charleston's campus on June 26, 2017. Travel dates are June 29-July 20, 2017.


Students will be enrolled in the following two courses:

TRAN 360: Doing Business in Costa Rica (3 credits)
LACS 101: Introduction to Latin American & Caribbean Studies (3 credits)

SCIM 360: Sustainability Issues in Costa Rica (3 credits) will replace LACS 101 if a student has satisfied their Humanities general education requirement.


Doing Business in Costa Rica will introduce students to the cultural, legal and business environments in Costa Rica. The course will focus on the practical issues that a foreigner will encounter in conducting business in international venues. Company visits include the Chamber of Commerce, US Commercial Services in Costa Rica, Florida Ice & Farm, Baxter, Port of Charleston, Fantini Office Furniture manufacturer, Frutera La Paz, AdAstra Rocket, and many others.

TRAN 360 counts as an upper-level business elective or general elective for non-business majors. The second course is intended to provide an overall introduction to Costa Rica in terms of culture, history, politics, religious beliefs, etc. LACS 101 counts as Humanities general education course. This program could satisfy the requirement of Business Travel Course for international business majors if they enroll in both courses (6 credits total).

Local activities include river rafting, canopy tour, and some physical activities during tours in the rainforest, such as hiking.


Dr. Marvin Gonzalez
Department of Supply Chain & Information Management

Dr. Gioconda Quesada
Department of Supply Chain & Information Management

Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Quesada started teaching at CofC in Fall 2003. Since then, they have led numerous international student programs in Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, and Spain. This particular program started in 2010, and each year there are more companies to visit. Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Quesada emphasize many international issues in their classes, due to their backgrounds and research agendas. Both faculty members are originally from Costa Rica.

Dr. Nadia AvendaƱo
Department of Hispanic Studies

Dr. AvendaƱo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies and an affiliate to the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program and the Women's and Gender Studies Program. She served as Program Director for the summer program in Trujillo, Spain in 2006 and in 2015.

Note: For questions regarding on-site program details and course content, please contact the program directors. Any inquiries regarding application processing, billing, or scholarship opportunities can be directed to the Center for International Education (contact information listed above).

Quick Facts

Population: 4636348
Capital: San Jose
Per-capita GDP: $ 12100
Size: 51100 km2
Time Zone: (GMT - 06:00 hours) Central Time (US & Canada)

US State Department

Travel Warning: NO

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