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Application Process

Applications for all of our programs can be found at Your study abroad advisor and our office staff will frequently refer to the account you create as AbroadOffice. It is important that you monitor your AbroadOffice profile closely throughout your study abroad experience, as we will communicate a majority of information through that portal and your CofC email account. The application process varies slightly from program to program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your study abroad advisor or program director (for faculty-led programs).

Applying to a Program

  1. Create an account on AbroadOffice. Select "Create an Account" from the left-hand navigation on the main page.
  2. Use the map or advanced search features to find the program to which you would like to apply. Select "Apply" to the right of the program name. Follow the instructions to apply to the program.

Waiting for a Decision

Once you have completed your application, your study abroad advisor (Exchange and Affiliate programs) and/or program director (Faculty-Led programs) will review your materials. The timeline for this review is as follows:

  • Faculty-Led programs: Program directors evaluate applications on varying timelines, please contact the faculty leading your program for more information.
    • Rolling admission - admission decisions as applications are received and reviewed
    • Full program - admission decisions made once the number of applications reaches the amount needed for a full program
    • Deadline - admission decisions made after the application deadline has passed
  • Exchange programs: Applications for most programs will receive an admission decision within three weeks of completion. For our more popular programs (Groningen, Nottingham, and Hertfordshire), applications will be reviewed together once the deadline has passed. An admission decision will then be given within three weeks of the deadline.
  • Affiliate programs: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and an admission decision will be received within two weeks of completion.

Please note, the admission decision timelines above are guidelines. Various factors could affect the amount of time it takes to receive an admission decision. If you have questions or have not received a decision by the above-mentioned date, please feel free to contact your study abroad advisor or program director.

Decision Types

  • Applying: Your application has been added to your profile and it has been started, but is incomplete.
  • Review: Your application has been completed and is sitting in the queue to be reviewed by your study abroad advisor or program director.
  • Approved: Congratulations! You have been accepted by CofC to your program. 
    • **If you are participating in an Affiliate program, this does not mean that you have been accepted to the Affiliate provider. Please contact them regarding your application status.
  • Withdrawn: Your application has been withdrawn from consideration for the program. In order for this to occur, you must either withdraw the application via AbroadOffice or contact your study abroad advisor in writing expressing your intent to withdraw your application.
    • **Please note: once you are accepted to a Faculty-Led program, you may be financially responsible for expenses incurred on your behalf in addition to the $50 application fee. More information can be found by reviewing the Financial Agreement in your application forms on AbroadOffice.
  • Closed: Your application has been reviewed and you have not been accepted to the program. This could be the result of academics (i.e. GPA or pre-requisite requirements) or previous disciplinary action.

I've been Accepted!

Congratulations! Once you are accepted, you will receive an email from your study abroad advisor or program director informing you of our admission decision. This email will also have information on next steps. At this time, we will change your status in AbroadOffice to Accepted and another set of forms titled "Enrollment Forms" will be added to your account. Head on over to our Accepted Students page to learn more!

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