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Study Abroad Course Approval

Transferring Credit from Exchange and Affiliate Programs

Once you have identified a potential study abroad program, email your Study Abroad Advisor to see if desired courses are pre-approved. Your Advisor can check a shared inventory to see if a previous student has taken the same class and received credit. If a course is found in the inventory, then your Advisor will tell you how the course abroad will transfer back to the College.

For courses NOT listed in the inventory, you will need to provide a description or syllabus to the appropriate department chair or appointed professor for evaluation. See the course approval directory to know whom to contact. It is the discretion of the professor to award any and all transfer credit. All approved courses must be documented on the course approval form.  (Note: you must first attend an advising session or meet with a study abroad advisor before receiving this form).

Grades vs. Credits

The College of Charleston transfer credit policy requires students to earn the equivalent of a U.S. "C" or better to receive credit for an approved course (a "C-" will NOT transfer back). Transfer grades do NOT appear on your official College of Charleston transcript and is therefore NOT factored into your College of Charleston GPA. Only the credit hours are posted to your record. Please note that should you transfer to another college or apply to graduate school, the universities will likely require an official transcript from each school you have attended. In this case, your study abroad grades will be considered.

College of Charleston Contacts for Study Abroad Course Approvals

When seeking course approval, you must have a detailed course description or syllabus if possible. Contact your program if this information is not available on their website.

2017-2018 Transfer Credit Evaluations


The following is a list of the faculty course evaluators and their contact information.  If a student questions the way a course was evaluated, he/she is welcome to contact the appropriate faculty member at the email address below.  If the student asks about a particular course that’s still under evaluation, please have him/her send an email to


Chair/ Evaluator


Accounting/ Legal Studies/ Bus Law

Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard

Anthropology/ Sociology

Dr. Hector Qirko

African Studies (English/ History)

Dr. Tim Carmichael

African American Studies

Dr. Kameelah Martin

Art History/ Architectural History

Dr. Mary Beth Heston

Arts Management

Dr. Karen Chandler

Asian Studies

Dr. Ghazi Abuhakema


Dr. Jon Hakkila   

cc: Dr. Narayanan Kuthirummal (NK)

Athletic Training

Dr. Thomas Carroll


Dr. Melissa Hughes


Dr. Pam Riggs-Gelasco

Classics/ Latin/ Ancient Greek

Dr. James Newhard

Communication and APCP

Dr. Julie Davis

cc: Dr. Jenifer Kopfman

Computer Science/Computing in the Arts

Dr. Sebastian van Delden 

Computer Information Systems (INFS)

Dr. Chris Starr

Crime, Law and Society    

Dr. Ann Stein


Dr. Gretchen McLaine

Data Science

Dr. Paul Anderson      

Decision Science (DSCI)

Dr. Kent Gourdin


Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard

Educational Foundations

Dr. Bob Perkins

Elementary/Middle Grades/Teacher Education

Dr. Bob Perkins


Dr. Bill Russell

First Year Writing (English 110,101, 102)

Dr. Bill Russell

cc: Dr. Chris Warnick


Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard

Environmental Studies

Dr. Allison Welch

Exercise Science 

Dr. Thomas Carroll

Film Studies (English)

Film Studies in any department

Dr. Bill Russell

Cc: Dr. Colleen Glenn


Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard


Dr. Tim Callahan


Dr. Claire Curtis


Dr. Thomas Carroll


Dr. Scott Poole


Dr. Trish Folds-Bennett

And Dr. Bryan Ganaway

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard


Dr. Maureen Hays

Note: General Humanities (GG) credit may not be used towards Gen Ed requirements, effective with incoming/readmitted fall 2015 students. Please have these courses evaluated within a specific academic area instead.



Jewish Studies

Dr. Joshua Shanes

International Business (INTB) Courses

Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard

International Studies

Dr. Doug Friedman

Language – Arabic

Dr. Ghazi Abuhakema

Language – Chinese

Dr. Lei Jin

Language – Classics (Greek, Latin)

Dr. James Newhard

Language – French

Dr. Lisa Signori

Language – German

Dr. Morgan Koerner

Language – Hebrew

Dr. Nitsa Dagan-Auerbach

Language – Hindi

Dr. Ghazi Abuhakema

Language – Italian

Dr. Giovanna Deluca

Language – Japanese

Dr. Yoshiki Chikuma

Language- Not offered at CofC

Dr. Shawn Morrison

Language- Portuguese

Dr. Luci Moreira

Language – Russian

Dr. Irina Erman 

Language – Spanish

Dr. Lola Colomina-Garigos

Dr. Antonio Pérez-Núñez

Dr. Félix Vásquez 

Dr. Marianne Verlinden

Latin American Studies

Dr. Lola Colomina-Garigos


Dr. Liz Martinez-Gibson 


Cantrelle Gilliard


Cantrelle Gilliard


Ms. Debby Jeter


Dr. Mike Larsen  

cc: Dr. Narayanan Kuthirummal (NK)


Dr. Edward Hart

Physical Education    

Dr. Thomas Carroll


Dr. Larry Krasnoff     


Ms. Sara Frankel


Dr. Mike Larsen

cc: Dr. Narayanan Kuthirummal (NK)

Piano Classes

Dr. Edward Hart

Political Science

Dr. Claire Curtis


Dr. Mike Ruscio

Real Estate

Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard

Religious Studies

Dr. Zeff Bjerken     

Studio Art

Ms. Sara Frankel

Supply Chain Management

Ms. Cantrelle Gilliard


Ms. Janine McCabe

Urban Studies      

Dr. Kevin Keenan

Women’s/Gender Studies 

Dr. Kris DeWelde

  Updated September 2017

College of Charleston Center for International Education