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CofC in Barcelona, Spain 2017: Public Health

Term To Study: Summer 2017
Application Deadline: Jan 30, 2017
Program Starts: Jun 02, 2017
Program Ends: Jul 01, 2017
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $4,920
Program Locations: Barcelona
Contact Phone: 843-953-7661
Contact Name: Center For International Education
Contact Email:
What is Included: - Lodging
- Seven group meals
- Weekend excursion to Costa Brava
- Day excursion to Tarragona
- Museum and cultural site entrance fees
- Ground transportation
- International Student ID Card
- Overseas medical insurance
- $50 non-refundable application fee (will only be reimbursed if a student is not accepted into the program)

* Program fee subject to change
What is not Included: - Tuition for six credits and associated fees
- Round-trip international airfare to/from Barcelona
- Most meals
- Passport fees
- Personal expenses
Estimated Costs: In addition to the program fee, students will be charged for tuition and fees as follows:
* 2016-17 in-state tuition rate for six credits is $2,844 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees)
* 2016-17 out-of-state tuition rate for six credits is $3,696 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees). The out of state tuition for classes associated with travel are discounted from the Fall and Spring rates.

The following are estimates for additional out-of-pocket expenses:
- Round-trip international airfare: $1,000-$1,500 (dependent upon departure city)
- Meals not included in the program fee: $150/week
Program Description


Students are expected to book their own flights to Barcelona, Spain and arrive on June 2, 2017. The program officially ends July 1, 2017, and students may choose to depart for the U.S. on that date, or stay to travel on their own. The program directors will inform participants of their own flight arrangements at least three months prior to the trip, and suggest a departure flight/time (from Charleston, SC) if students would like to fly with them.


Students enroll in the following six credits:

HEAL 230: Global Health - 3 credits
HEAL 350: Epidemiology - 3 credits

*Students must have taken HEAL 215 prior to being enrolled in HEAL 230 and HEAL 350.


This study abroad program will provide a unique learning experience by offering students an immersive opportunity to broaden their global perspective of public health issues. Students will have the opportunity to take required courses (Global Health, Epidemiology) that contribute to the completion of degree requirements for B.S. and B.A. Public Health majors. The courses taught during this study abroad program will be enhanced by content specific to public health issues in Spain. For example, students will have the opportunity to hear guest lectures from a World Health Organization official, a local nutritionist, and someone from a local disease control center. Additionally, students will be offered the opportunity to tour local hospital facilities, a pharmaceutical factory, and an AIDS control center. In addition to the unique educational opportunities, this program will offer a variety of experiences for students interested in Spanish culture. For example, students will have the opportunity to tour historic sites in two coastal towns, explore Spanish markets to shop for food to use during culinary classes, and set sail on a fishing vessel off the coast of Costa Brava.

Prior to departure, students will engage in a mandatory four-hour training. This training will include etiquette and protocol training tailored to Barcelona. Students will also engage in a brief language training session, which will be provided by a College of Charleston Spanish Studies faculty member. This program feature ensures that students will be culturally informed while traveling overseas, and has proved beneficial for previous study abroad experiences. In summary, this program will provide students with the opportunity to build relationships with other College of Charleston students, engage in unique learning opportunities with College of Charleston faculty, and experience a global education through practical and cultural exposures.


Dr. Leslie Hart
Department of Health and Human Performance

Dr. Leslie Hart is an Assistant Professor of Public Health at the College of Charleston within the Interdisciplinary Public Health Program. Dr. Hart teaches Biostatistics and Epidemiology within the Department of Health and Human Performance, and prior to her position with the College, she was a wildlife and environmental epidemiologist working on projects evaluating bottlenose dolphin health following exposure to environmental stressors and pollutants. Her research interests include developing novel methods to evaluate wildlife health and understanding biomarkers of environmental contamination. Dr. Hart is thrilled to have the opportunity to interweave Spanish public health issues into her Epidemiology curriculum. Students taking Dr. Hart’s Epidemiology course will have the opportunity to apply course content to explore Spanish health concerns, providing an immersive learning atmosphere. Dr. Hart enjoys traveling and has had the opportunity to visit Caribbean countries, as well as Belgium, Italy, Austria, and France.

Ms. Chelsea Demarest, M.P.H.
Department of Health and Human Performance

Professor Demarest is a Visiting Instructor within the Interdisciplinary Public Health Program at CofC. She has instructed various courses including HEAL 230 (Global Health). Professor Demarest is also an etiquette and protocol consultant licensed through the Protocol School of Washington, and will provide students with etiquette and protocol information tailored to the study abroad location. She has had the opportunity to visit Scotland, Ireland, France, England, Singapore, Malaysia, and Spain, and incorporates her personal experiences as well as first-hand public health examples into her teaching. Using her travel experiences, Professor Demarest incorporates personal experiences and first hand public health examples into her teaching.

This will be Professor Demarest's second year as a program director for the CofC Public Health Abroad program.

Note: For questions regarding on-site program details and course content, please contact the program directors. Any inquiries regarding application processing, billing, or scholarship opportunities can be directed to the Center for International Education (contact information listed above).

Quick Facts

Population: 47042984
Capital: Madrid
Per-capita GDP: $ 31000
Size: 505370 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

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Travel Warning: NO

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