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British Virgin Islands

CofC in British Virgin Islands 2017: Biology

Term To Study: Summer 2017
Application Deadline: Mar 02, 2017
Program Starts: Jul 27, 2017
Program Ends: Aug 10, 2017
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $3,728
Link 1: Click on this link for video of a previous year's program
Link 2: The BVI program's Facebook page
Contact Phone: 843-953-7661
Contact Name: Center For International Education
Contact Email:
What is Included: - Lodging
- Some meals
- Entrances into sites
- Overseas medical insurance
- $50 non-refundable application fee (will only be reimbursed if a student is not accepted into the program or the program is cancelled)

* Program fee subject to change
What is not Included: - Tuition for four credits and associated fees
- Round-trip airfare to/from British Virgin Islands
- Some meals
- Passport fees
- Personal expenses
Estimated Costs: In addition to the program fee, students will be charged for tuition and fees as follows:
* 2016-17 in-state tuition rate for four credits is $1,896 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees)
* 2016-17 out-of-state tuition rate for four credits is $2,464 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees). The out of state tuition for classes associated with travel are discounted from the Fall and Spring rates.

Other estimated out-of-pocket expenses:
- Airfare: $700
- Dinners ashore: $75
Program Description

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please note that applications are due by 10 pm on March 1!


Students take one of the following courses:

BIOL 250: Field Studies in Coral Reef Biology (for non-majors) - 4 credits
BIOL 453: Field Studies in Coral Reef Biology (for majors) - 4 credits


This course introduces undergraduate students to the organismal biology, ecology, and conservation of the Caribbean coral reef ecosystem in the British Virgin Islands. The emphasis is placed on field methods and labs, including SCUBA-based field experiments that provide hands-on experience and contribute to ongoing research projects. Lectures cover the biodiversity, systematics, and population and community-level ecology of predominant species of macroalgae, fishes and invertebrates and are paired with onboard or in-water lab exercises. Critical conservation issues and management strategies for this complex ecosystem will also be introduced. The program is conducted aboard a multihull sailboat that serves as the dormitory, classroom, and research platform. Each day the class sails to a new island in the archipelago to investigate and explore new habitats, and receive practical training in the nautical sciences and SCUBA that prepare them to be a competent member of a research crew or field team. The program is conducted in collaboration with a 501(c)3 organization called the Marine Science And Nautical Training Academy (MANTA,

Students participating in this course should expect the following conditions/activities: snorkeling, SCUBA diving, swimming, hiking, tropical summer heat, sailing, lifting scuba tanks, living aboard a boat, and prolonged physical activity.


Dr. Rusty Day
Biology Department/Grice Marine Lab

Dr. Rusty Day is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at CofC and a research biologist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the Hollings Marine Laboratory. He has a diverse scientific background that includes tropical field ecology, fisheries, wildlife toxicology, and chemical tracers in marine organisms. Dr. Day has directed the BVI study abroad program since 2010 and is also a PADI Scuba Instructor, licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, and the founder and director of MANTA.

Note: For questions regarding on-site program details and course content, please contact Dr. Day. Any inquiries regarding application processing, billing, or financial aid opportunities can be directed to the Center for International Education (contact information listed above).

Quick Facts

Population: 31148
Capital: Road Town
Per-capita GDP: $ 38500
Size: 151 km2
Time Zone: (GMT - 04:00 hours) Atlantic Time (Canada)

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Travel Warning: YES
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