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CofC in Chiavari, Italy 2017: Italian Studies

Term To Study: Summer 2017
Application Deadline: Mar 30, 2017
Program Starts: May 31, 2017
Program Ends: Jun 24, 2017
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $3,505
Contact Phone: 843-953-7661
Contact Name: Center For International Education
Contact Email:
What is Included: - Lodging
- Some meals
- Entrances into sites
- Ground transportation
- Medical insurance
- $50 non-refundable application fee (will only be reimbursed if a student is not accepted into the program)

* Program fee subject to change
What is not Included: - Tuition for six credits and associated fees
- Round-trip airfare to/from Europe
- Some meals
- Passport fees
- Personal expenses
Estimated Costs: In addition to the program fee, students will be charged for tuition and fees as follows:
* 2016-17 in-state tuition rate for six credits is $2,844 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees)
* 2016-17 out-of-state tuition rate for six credits is $3,696 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees). The out of state tuition for classes associated with travel are discounted from the Fall and Spring rates.
Program Description

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please note that applications are due by 10 pm on March 1!


Students are expected to book their own flights to Genoa, Italy and arrive on May 31, 2017. The program officially ends June 24, 2017, and students may choose to depart for the U.S. on that date, or stay to travel on their own.


Students take the following two courses:

LTIT 250: The Soul of Italian Poetry- From Dante to the Hermetics (3 credits)
LTIT 350: Landscape, Poetry and Ligurian Identity in Eugenio Montale (3 credits)


Participants in the study abroad program will stay in the very hospitable town of Chiavari, Italy, in the Gulf of Tigullio. Such a coastal town is located only a short distance from Portofino, Lerici, and Cinque Terre. These locations are most celebrated by many world’s poets who visited, and even died, there. Percy Shelley lived in the village of San Terenzo, next to Lerici, Lord Byron took walks on the Portofino Mountain, Eugenio Montale spent his summer in the beautiful villa at Monterosso; while Dante and Petrarch, during their travels, spoke of the natural beauty of the Liguria region.

In Chiavari, students will take The Soul of Italian Poetry (LTIT 250) including readings from Dante to Hermeticism. This will help them to familiarize with the art of reading, translating, and understanding poetry. They will also take a course on Italian Hermetic Poet, Eugenio Montale (LTIT 350), focusing on the issues of poetry, identity and sea landscape. Courses will be taught in English and students will take excursions to literary landmarks where they will read and perform poems with the coaching of musicians and Italian poets.

Students should expect moderate hiking on this program.


Dr. Massimo Maggiari
Department of Italian

Professor Maggiari received his doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A native of Genova, Italy, Dr. Maggiari has taught for almost 30 years in the U.S. and has traveled extensively in Europe, North America, and the Arctic. He has directed a summer program in Liguria for CofC since 1995. He is an author of several books, and contributed over the years to scholarship on Hermetic poetry. He is a born and bred Ligurian.

Note: For questions regarding on-site program details and course content, please contact Dr. Maggiari. Any inquries regarding application processing, billing, or scholarship opportunities can be directed to the Center for International Education (contact information listed above).

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