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United Kingdom

CofC in the United Kingdom 2017: Art History and Historic Preservation/Community Planning

Term To Study: Summer 2017
Application Deadline: Mar 02, 2017
Program Starts: Jul 05, 2017
Program Ends: Jul 27, 2017
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $3,250
Contact Phone: 843-953-7661
Contact Name: Center For International Education
Contact Email:
What is Included: - Lodging
- Ground transportation
- Excursion costs
- Overseas medical insurance
- $50 non-refundable application fee (will only be reimbursed if a student is not accepted into the program or the program is cancelled)

* Program fee subject to change
What is not Included: - Tuition for six credits and associated fees
- Round-trip airfare to/from London
- Meals
- Passport fees
- Personal expenses
Estimated Costs: In addition to the program fee, students will be charged for tuition and fees as follows:

* 2016-17 in-state tuition rate for six credits is $2,844 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees)
* 2016-17 out-of-state tuition rate for six credits is $3,696 (plus Library, Technology and Part Time Fees). The out of state tuition for classes associated with travel are discounted from the Fall and Spring rates.
Program Description

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please note that applications are due by 10 pm on March 1!


Students enroll in the following two courses:

HPCP 290: UK Historic Preservation and Community Planning - 3 credits
ARTH 290: Architecture and Urbanism in Great Britain - 3 credits


HPCP will focus on heritage sites and their management in the United Kingdom. World Heritage Sites, English Heritage Sites and National Trust Sites from London to Edinburgh will be part of the tour. Castles, cathedrals, industrial and maritime heritage, Victorian back-to-backs and the UK involvement in the international slave trade will be studied.

ARTH 290 will offer students a comprehensive survey of architectural and urban design on the richly diverse island of Great Britain, from prehistoric hill forts to ancient Roman baths, from medieval fortress towns to Renaissance garden squares, from Victorian crystal palaces to utopian modernist New Towns. Our study of design will be rooted in political and social history.


Dr. Grant Gilmore
Department of Historic Preservation and Community Planning

Dr. Gilmore earned his PhD in London and spent approximately seven years in total living in the UK, together with his English wife. He has led undergraduate study abroad programs to both Cuba and Japan for the College of Charleston.

Dr. Nathaniel Walker
Department of Art and Architectural History

Dr. Walker is married to a woman from Scotland, and has spent a total of eight months in the UK conducting research, attending scholarly symposia, and traveling independently. He led a College of Charleston undergraduate travel course to New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts during Maymester 2016.

Note: For questions regarding on-site program details and course content, please contact the program directors. Any inquiries regarding application processing, billing, or scholarship opportunities can be directed to the Center for International Education (contact information listed above).

Quick Facts

Population: 63047162
Capital: London
Per-capita GDP: $ 36600
Size: 243610 km2
Time Zone: (GMT) Dublin

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Travel Warning: NO

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