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Preparing for Departure

Now that you've been accepted, there are important things to know as you prepare for your studies abroad. Be sure to check out our Exchange/Affiliate or CofC handbook for more detailed information!

Academic Considerations

  • The Center for International Education will register you for the appropriate courses or course placeholder (Exchange and Affiliate programs). For students studying abroad for a semester, you must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Make sure to pay any fees on your College of Charleston e-Bill prior to departure.
  • For Exchange and Affiliate programs, update the CIE with any new course approvals.
  • Discuss your course selection and schedule with your academic advisor for the semester you return home
  • If you are a senior, check with the Registrar's Office regarding graduation procedures.


  • Be sure that your passport will be valid six months after returning from your term abroad. If not, apply for a new passport now. You should also begin to research visa requirements and the necessary steps to obtain one, if needed.
  • Register with the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP) through the State Department.
  • Research the host country for current events, government figures, currency, and culture.
  • Gather copies of the following information into two files:
    • Airline tickets
    • 2 copies of passport and visa (and email a copy to yourself)
    • Driver's license
    • Blood type
    • Eyeglass prescription
    • Credit card information for cards that you will be carrying while abroad
    • Medical contact information (doctor, dentist, specialists)
    • Medical prescriptions
    • Medical insurance
    • Leave one copy of this information with someone at home
  • Provide a copy of your itinerary, travel plans, and contact information to a friend or family member
  • Notify your bank and credit card company of your plans to travel abroad
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and carefully review the information provided.
College of Charleston Center for International Education